PROGRAM STRUCTURE will utilize the “flipped classroom” model, where content will be provided prior to each of the sessions to level-set participants based on their individual backgrounds and to prepare them for an engaging conversation.  This will be done in the first hour as a debrief among the participants with opportunities to share personal takeaways and key lessons.  In the second hour, a panel of experts on the particular topic will join the group for a chance to ask specific questions and hear the differences between theory and practice.

One of the goals of the program is that new ideas will spark between the 20 bright participants. While the effect may be similar to a Startup Weekend, this is a much more immersive program.  It allows participants to focus on their individual ideas, instead of being forced to work on someone else’s idea.  It also builds skills and provides exposure to new methodologies.  Most importantly, this program will form a tight network of other entrepreneurs that can continue to provide support and advice long after the program concludes.